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Infrared Inspections

Infrared Inspections

Choose a Infrared inspection & see what no one else can see!

Introducing Infrared Thermography Services at Lighthouse.

Used for years in law enforcement and government applications, Infrared scans are a new technology to home inspection and are now available as an additional service at Lighthouse. Infrared cameras identify areas of temperature differences, allowing your inspector to identify areas of heat loss; water penetration and leaks; overloaded electrical circuits, pests and insect infestations; missing insulation and structural concerns

When requested, your Lighthouse inspector can scan the home to identify concerns not visible to the naked eye. They can identify and pinpoint concerns not otherwise detectable that can help save thousands in repair costs!

What Does your Home Inspector See?

When you need to be sure, call Lighthouse Inspections and ask for a Thermography scan with your next inspection!

Gain access to areas not otherwise accessible, homes with no attic are no problem with Infrared technology, the inspector can, in most cases, still identify insulation and moisture issues, without any access

Call Lighthouse today and see your home in a whole new light! Ask your inspector for more information on an Infrared scan by a Level1 Certified Thermographer – the highest level of internationally recognized designation for residential IR Professionals

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